Who We Are

Welcome to the official shop of Polka dot Chocolate—your trusted source for premium, legally-crafted psilocybin-infused chocolates. We’re the folks behind Polka dot Mushroom Chocolate, and we’re super excited to have you here. This isn’t just a shop; it’s a place where chocolate meets a bit of magic — legally, of course! We started mixing up our special chocolate bars about half a decade ago, right here in the heart of CA.

Our Ethos

We love chocolate, and we’re fascinated by the natural goodness of psilocybin. So we thought, why not bring the two together? Our mission is simple: to create tasty chocolate bars that offer a little more than just sweetness.

    Our Commitment

  • Purity: Every Polkadot Chocolate bar is crafted with the purest ingredients and the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced psilocybin. We pledge full transparency—from bean to bar.
  • Responsibility: We are committed to responsible use and education around psilocybin. Our chocolates are designed for those who seek to explore the benefits of psychedelics in a safe, controlled manner.
  • Innovation: Our master chocolatiers and mycologists work in tandem to create unique, delicious, and consistent psilocybin experiences without compromising on taste or quality.
  • Community: Polkadot Chocolate is a part of a larger conversation about mental health, well-being, and conscious evolution. We support and engage with communities advocating for the responsible use of psychedelics.
  • Education: We believe knowledge is crucial. Our team is dedicated to providing insightful resources to help inform and educate our customers about the mindful use of psilocybin products.



Our Journey

We began as a small group of friends who were passionate about two things: great chocolate and the potential of psilocybin. Now, we’re a growing family, and every chocolate bar we make is packed with care and the hope of spreading a little joy and discovery.



Our Invitation

We invite you to explore our selection of Polkadot Chocolate bars, crafted not only to delight the palate but also to open pathways to deeper understanding and inner peace. Every bar tells a story—a tale of nature’s mysteries wrapped in the luxury of fine chocolate.

Our Promises to You

  • Good Stuff Only: We use the best ingredients out there, and we’re picky about it. Only the good stuff goes into our chocolate bars.
  • Keepin’ It Real: We’re all about making sure you know what’s in your chocolate. We’re open about how we make our bars and what’s in them.
  • Tasty Innovations: We’re chocolate lovers and creators, always in the kitchen whipping up something delicious that’s true to the heart of Polkadot.
  • Supporting Each Other: We’re part of the bigger conversation about mental wellness and the responsible use of psilocybin. We’re here to chat, support, and grow with our community.
  • Learning Together: We’re on a journey to learn more about the positive sides of psilocybin and share all that good info with you.